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Save your history and publish that novel you've been working on, all in one afternoon!

Ever clean your house and find old, deteriorating photos, recipes, slides, etc. that you want to preserve? HPL will offer patrons the ability to scan and store their memories online using our digitization equipment and a new product called BiblioBoard Creator.

We also offer self-publishing options. HPL's BiblioBoard SELF-e publishing platform allows you to submit your work for e-publication. It will be included not only in HPL's library catalog, but also in the state-wide BiblioBoard SELF-e catalog. If they like your work, Library Journal will put it in the SELF-e Select collection, which is specially curated to highlight talented authors and will be available no matter where your audience resides.


What is BiblioBoard?

This new online resource gives you access to tons of great content like classics, non-fiction, self-published works, and even part of the Bodleian Library's collection. You can access this product directly from our website. It's free to use! All you have to do is create a login. Some of the nicest features of BiblioBoard are the abilities to bookmark your place, add notes to each item you read, and even generate citations. Are you on the go? No worries! BiblioBoard has an easy-to-use app for both iOS and Android.

BiblioBoard as a Digital Archive/Repository.

Do you have any family recipes, historical documents, or items relating to Homewood? You can scan these items in the Makery (formerly the Digital Media Lab) and we'll take care of putting them in Homewood Public Library's BiblioBoard collection. Now you can share that favorite recipe with your community, or even share your family's history. Just because you might think it's unimportant doesn't mean it is.

Consider Anne Frank's diary: Anne used it to record her thoughts and express herself during a time when she couldn't even speak loudly, for fear of being discovered by the SS. After Anne's arrest, Miep Gies saved the diary for her return. Once Gies returned it on Anne's behalf to her father, Otto Frank, it became apparent that the diary was of paramount importance to preserving history. A dark example, but one that still resonates with people young and old. Save your history. It's important.




How do I become self-published?

While exploring the self-published or Self-e content, you may be wondering how to get your own books published. BiblioBoard's Self-e module is great for aspiring authors. You can submit your book for inclusion in BiblioBoard's Indie Illinois collection and simultaneously get feedback from one of the most prominent review publications in business, Library Journal. In fact, if Library Journal is fond of your work, then your book gets circulated nationally in a specially curated collection called LJ Self-e Select.


How do I transfer to ePub or print format?

Need help getting your book transferred to ePub and print formats? Use Pressbooks Public to transfer your content and even choose a cover for your book. Just use your BiblioBoard account to login.

We hope to see you using BiblioBoard. It's a great resource for all library patrons.