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Tips for using "My Account"

The QuickStart Guide has helped you get started using the new online catalog. Now that you’ve had a while to try it out, here are some more tips for doing things in your account with the new catalog that you used to do with the old:

Reminder: To log into your account click "My Account" in the "Search Our Catalog" box on the upper-right hand of our web page. You will need to enter your library card barcode number and your PIN (Personal Identification Number).


You used to:


Now you:

Freeze Holds     Suspend Hold(s)
  • Look for the blue button under the “Holds” tab.
  • There is also a “Cancel Hold Suspension(s)” button on this tab.
Have a Reading
  Have a Checkout History
  • On the  “Checkouts” tab,  scroll down at the bottom you’ll see “Checkout History.”
  • Here you'll find a list of things you have checked out.
  • If you had a “Reading History” before, it’s still there with recently checked out items added.  
  • The list is date order, oldest to newest. It can’t be sorted by title.
  •  If you’re trying to remember if you had already checked something out, just press the Ctrl and F keys at the same time and you’ll bring up the “Find” function. You can then enter a title or author to see whether it’s on your list.
See only physical items you had checked out of SWAN libraries.          Can see Digital checkouts as well as Library checkouts on the “Checkouts” tab.
Pick up your holds only at Homewood Library.
  Can pick your your holds at the library of your choice
  • Each time you place a hold you pick where you'd like to pick up your item
  • You can also change your default pickup location.  On the "Personal Information" tab in your My Account, select "Preferences" and use the drop-down menu to select your "Preferred Pickup Library." Now all your holds will automatically go there.