Backpack Kits

Backpack Kits

In the Youth Play Area, patrons can find a selection of backpacks along the wall. These backpacks are created by the library staff to educate on a variety of topics through reading, fun, and exploration. Some topics include Math, Colors, Dance / Movement, Outdoor Exploration, Earth Science, and more. Kits typically include one or two books and an activity.

The current multi-colored backpacks are geared towards Pre-K through Grade 1. Many are being updated with new books, activities, and instructions. New kits are also being created.

Through 2018, patrons will also start to see new solid colored backpacks. These will be more advanced books and activities geared towards Grades 2 through Grade 4.

When the backpacks are completed, there will be a binder available with detailed information about each backpack and what is inside of it available for browsing.

There is a limit of 5 kits checked out at a time.