Writing Club for Kids


Jan 11 | Feb 8 | Mar 8 | April 12 | May 10
Our world is full of mysteries, and the answers to mysteries are GREAT stories!

Kids in grades 4 through 6 will work on their imaginations and practice writing in a fun and low pressure environment. Each session, we will learn about a real life historical mystery.

The rest of the session, each young author will decide for themselves the answers to a series of questions:

What really happened? What *was* that mysterious item? Who was involved? How did the story end? A set of questions will have to be answered - different for each historical mystery.

Young writers can work on their stories in between sessions and if they are happy with them, stories can be entered into our digital catalog for anyone to read!

Interested in what historical mysteries we’ve looked into? Visit our Writing Club Webpage!

Registration not required, so join us for the next session.