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One Minute Movie Festival 2017


Your One Minute Movie submission should highlight something in your life, school, or community that you enjoy or that is important to you.  

  • Videos may be of whatever type, style or genre that the entrant wishes – animated, documentary, drama, music video, comedy etc., as long as they tell an original story about something you like!

  • Videos must be suitable for viewing by all ages.  Videos containing vulgarity, violence, or defamatory language will be immediately disqualified.

  • The Festival will be judged in different categories: Families, Youth, Teen, New Adult, and Adult.  An independent international panel of judges will designate one entry per category as the category winner.

  • The 5 winners of the Homewood Public Library One Minute Movie Festival will each have featured positioning on the 2017 Homewood Public Library One Minute Movie Festival DVD, be included in a public broadcast on Comcast’s Homewood Access 19 (dependent on quality of submissions), and receive an additional final prize (Final Prizes TBA).

  • To participate in the Homewood Public Library One Minute Movie Festival you must live, work, or have family in Homewood or its surrounding area.

  • Business entries may not be commercials. Businesses are, however, invited to submit “day in the life” style movies. Other ideas would be to highlight an employee or business owner or to highlight the community impact created by a service provided by the business.

  • Entries are welcome in any language. If submitted in a language other than English, please provide an English language translation of the script (if the movie does not have subtitles).

  • Deadline for submissions is June 10, 2017.  

  • The 2017 One Minute Movie Festival Screening is Thursday, June 29, at 7 p.m.  This showing is open to the public.

The Makery has the tools you need to make your movie.

Here's a plan of action:
  1. Write down what you want your video to look and sound like.
  2. Grab a camera and shoot what you wrote down.
  3. Edit everything you shot to be in the order that you planned on in step one.
  4. Export a video file and share it with the world.

Plan, shoot, edit, export. Everything else is about being efficient. Shooting your film doesn't mean starting on page one and going in order to the end. Organize your shoot based on what you have available. If you have all the people and props for scenes 2 and 5, shoot them and worry about scenes 1, 3, and 4 later.

Here are some movie samples to inspire you:



Film One Fest

Galway Film Fleadh

We've found some Online Resources for you to use when making your movie:

BBC Resources
The BBC used to have a 1 Minute Movie contest. Although it is no longer active, all of their resources still are! They include “How To” guides on creating a story, directing, editing, and sound.

PBS Resources
PBS created some very detailed resources for general digital storytelling, complete with videos and downloadable pdf files. Includes guides on creating voice overs with Audacity (free software) and editing via Windows Movie Maker (free software). 

Storyboarding Resources
Learn How to Storyboard from Disney Storyboard Artist Sherm Cohen through his YouTube channel.

Kids Movie Making Resources
Made with kids in mind, this site can be useful for anyone. They’ve got quick tips and resources.

Free (and Royalty Free) Sound Effects Resources
mediacollege sound effects

General Film Making Resources

buffer video tools
readwritethink  (Search for the term “filmmaking”)
edutopia filmmaking resources
ipad art room  (Search for the term “movie”)
mediacollege video shots

Now that you're ready to shoot your movie, here are the Rules and here are the Regulations you need to follow.  Check both documents for the information you need.

You're all done!  Complete the Entry Form, which must accompany your movie submission.  The deadline for submissions is Friday, June 10, 2017.

Want to see the Voting Guidelines the judges will be using?

About Our Judges...One Minute Movie Circle

If you are unsure about your eligibility, or have any other questions, please contact kellyc@homewoodlibrary.org or call 708.798.0121 x283