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Library Updates


HPL will be closed due to being a polling place for the election. However, the drive thru will be open from 9am - 5pm.




- In addition to welcoming walk ins from Homewood residents, HPL is open to walk ins from Non-Homewood residents for up to 45 minutes, starting on the hour, as space allows.


- To insure Homewood residents continue to have priority access, HPL patrons are encouraged to continue to make 45 appointments, on the hour. Appointments can only be made by Homewood residents ONLY. A maximum of one 45 minute appointment per day can be made.


- Patrons can only be in the building a maximum of 2 hours per day (either 1 back to back entry or 2 separate entries on one day).


- Patrons WITHOUT library cards will resume paying to use library computers ($1 for 30 minutes).


- At this time, HPL and The Friends of the Homewood Library, are not accepting donations.


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Library Appointments

An appointment will be 45 minutes long and can be scheduled only once per week per patron household. Only Homewood residents can make library appointments.

There will be 15 minute increments between appointments to allow for time for cleaning, and only 20 patrons will be allowed in the building at a time.

Homewood patrons can reserve up to two appointments at a time, one for the current week and one for the following week. To schedule an appointment, call the library or email:

Due to safety requirements, the Homewood Public Library will not be accepting room reservation requests indefinitely. We will let you know when they are available again.

The Friends of the Library 25c book cart will be out in the lobby. An appointment is not needed to browse the Friends of the Library book cart.  








Beanstack Reading Challenge


Reading Challenge

HPL has a new digital platform called Beanstack! You can use Beanstack on your phone (both android & iOS), mobile device, or computer. Through Beanstack you can log your reading and join HPL's Reading Challenges--allowing you a chance to win prizes! There are challenges available for ALL AGES, going into 2021 and beyond. If you made an account for 2020 Summer Reading you are already set to regsiter for future Beanstack Reading Challenges.

Interested? Register for a Beanstack account by clicking HERE








How Do I Register to Vote?

If you have questions about voting or how to register to vote, please visit our Voting 101 page. 








Library Services Hours



Walk-ins are accepted for both Homewood Residents and Non-Homewood Residents. 

Monday - Thursday @ 9am - 9pm

Friday & Saturday @ 9am - 5pm

Sunday @ 1pm - 5pm 




Open 24/7




Drive Thru Pick-Up is available all the hours the library is open and is open to both Homewood and Non-Homewood Residents who have holds. You do not need an appointment to use Drive Thru Pick-Up.




Monday - Thursday @ 9am - 9pm

Friday & Saturday @ 9am - 5pm

Sunday @ 1pm - 5pm 







Fine Free for Now

All items will have 3 week check outs, automatic renewals, and no fines incurred. However, item replacement and processing fees will kick in if an item is kept for an extended period. 








Placing Holds

  • Items can be put on hold, including items that previously couldn’t be put on hold, such as hot copies, rokus, hotspots, magazines, and more. 

  • Need to place a hold? CLICK HERE to sign into your library account. 


How Do I Place a Hold?

  1. Browse through our online catalog and find the item you want to put a hold on

  2. Click onto the Place Hold button next to the item you want to place a hold on

  3. A window will pop up asking you to log into your Library Account 

  4. Enter the barcode on the back of your library card (that is your library card number) and enter your PIN

    1. Your default PIN is the last four digits of your primary phone number on your library account.

  5. A window will appear for you to specify the library where you want to pick-up your item when ready. Once you have selected the pick-up library, click Place Hold. The system will tell you if the hold was successfully placed or not.

  6. Once you have placed a hold on an item, you will be able to see it when you are logged into your library account. It will show under the Holds tab.

    1. If you have multiple holds and don't want to receive them all at once for pick-up, you can manage your holds in your library account by clicking on the ones you want to suspend until you are ready to pick them up. 


Having Trouble with your PIN?

Call us or Email us:







Drive-Thru Pick-Up

Drive Thru Pick-Up is be available all the hours the library is open and is open to both Homewood and Non-Homewood Residents who have holds. 


How Does Drive Thru Pick-Up Work?

  1. Place a hold in our online catalog. If you need assistance, call the library at 708-798-0121 x. 216 or email us at

  2. Come to the library and go to the Drive-Thru to receive your holds. 







Individual computer use is as follows:

  • Individuals WITHOUT library cards - $1 for 30 minutes.

  • Individuals WITH current active library cards from any OTHER library - $1 for 30 minutes.

  • Homewood Patrons WITH  a library card - no charge for 45 minutes.

Additional computer time is only available if no one is waiting to use the computer and is limited to one consecutive use of the computer for a total of one hour and 45 minutes maximum. If you desire addtional computer time (beyond your initial 45 minute slot) please consult a staff member who can tell you if the space is available.