Teen SR Finale -#SRHPL

Nerf Gun War in the library! Bring your own nerf gun, darts will be provided by the library.You must be registered for the summer reading program and in grades 7-12 in order to attend the teen finale.Registration is required. Pizza will be served.
Please fill out the questionnaire and turn in the waiver by July 29th.


HPL Nerf War Blaster Regulations

  • •One blaster per person.
  • •Spring powered and battery powered only.
    • • Use only batteries that are meant for the blaster.
    • • No fully automatic blasters.

  • •No performance/internal modifications.
  • •Blasters can be painted.
  • •Blaster must use Elite darts only. No mega darts or missiles, etc…
  • •If the blaster accepts magazines/clips, you can only bring one.
  • •You can bring your own darts, but you will not get them back. The library will provide darts for use.

Friday, August 2, 2019 - 6:00pm - 9:00pm
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