With helpful and very kind staff members, the FORT is a reliable, safe place for teens, Grades 7-12. There are comfortable chairs, books galore, and other fun things like craft projects that can be worked on any time that you are in the FORT.



Are you into manga and anime? Well there’s some manga there for you, too! There isn’t a HUGE extension of anime, but you can choose from some rather mainstream manga series.


Forgot your textbook at school? The FORT has some textbooks from James Hart and HF High School.


Are you not into books or manga? There are iPads for you to play on, along with a brand new Xbox One  and Wii with plenty of games to you to play! Just make sure you bring a valid ID* with you if you want to play the gaming systems. 

* A valid ID is your library card, current school ID, driver’s license, or other government issued identification.