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Graphic Novels

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Magic Stories

Here is a list of graphic novel titles, at various reading levels (All Ages can enjoy), that involve magic in some way. Find something you like, and enjoy!


The Adventure Zone: Here There Be Gerblins
The Adventure Zone: Here There Be Gerblins
By McElroy, Clint
Author McElroy, Griffin
Author McElroy, Justin
2018-07 - First Second
9781250153708 Check Our Catalog



Welcome to the Adventure Zone

SEE The illustrated exploits of three lovable dummies set loose in a classic fantasy adventure

READ Their journey from small-time bodyguards to world-class artifact hunters

MARVEL At the sheer metafictional chutzpah of a graphic novel based on a story created in a podcast where three dudes and their dad play a tabletop role playing game in real …More

The Stonekeeper
The Stonekeeper
By Kibuishi, Kazu
2008-01 - Graphix
9780439846813 Check Our Catalog


Emily and Navin move with their mother to the home of her deceased great-grandfather, but the strange house proves to be dangerous. Lured into an underground world inhabited by demons, robots, and talking animals, they face the most terrifying monster of all. …More

Aster and the Accidental Magic
Aster and the Accidental Magic
By Pico, Thom
Illustrator Karensac
2020-03 - Random House Graphic
9780593118849 Check Our Catalog


A fun, action-packed fantasy adventure about a girl, her dog, and magic gone wrong

Quiet . . . birds . . . nature. . . .

That's what Aster expects when her parents move their whole family to the middle of nowhere. It's just her (status: super-bored), her mom and dad (status: busy with science), her brother (status: has other plans), and . . .

. . . magic?

In her new home, …More

Baba Yaga's Assistant
Baba Yaga's Assistant
By McCoola, Marika
Illustrator Carroll, Emily
2015-08 - Candlewick Press (MA)
9780763669614 Check Our Catalog


Cybils (2015), New England Book Award (2015)

Russian folklore icon Baba Yaga mentors a lonely teen in a wry graphic novel that balances gleefully between the modern and the timeless.

Most children think twice before braving a haunted wood filled with terrifying beasties to match wits with a witch, but not Masha. Her beloved grandma taught her many things: that stories are useful, that magic is fickle, that nothing is too …More

A Perfect View
A Perfect View
By Page, Tyler
Illustrator Doerrfeld, Cori
Illustrator Page, Tyler
2017-01 - Graphic Universe (Tm)
9781467761543 Check Our Catalog



Cici is ready for all her favorite camping activities She has everything planned for the trip with her dad, her sister, and her friend Kendra. But with Cici's new fairy powers, nature has more in store for her than she'd expected. A campsite mix-up, stormy weather, and a forest sprite keep testing her good spirits. Can Cici come to see the magic in surprises, before their whole trip is …More

Knights Club: The Buried City: The Comic Book You Can Play
Knights Club: The Buried City: The Comic Book You Can Play
By Shuky
Illustrator Waltch
Illustrator Novy
2020-01 - Quirk Books
9781683691471 Check Our Catalog


This middle-grade graphic novel series makes YOU the valiant hero of a fantasy quest--pick your panel, find items, gain abilities, solve puzzles, and play through new storylines again and again

After years of dedicated training and adventure, you are finally a full-fledged knight You are sent on your first official mission by Elliot, a famous merchant. Impressed by your strength and …More

Cottons: The Secret of the Wind
Cottons: The Secret of the Wind
By Pascoe, Jim
Illustrator Arnhold, Heidi
2018-07 - First Second
9781250157447 Check Our Catalog



In Cottons, rabbits and foxes inhabit a world where magic, technology, and art are used as weapons of war. Written by Jim Pascoe, with bold illustrations from Heidi Arnhold.

To her neighbors in the Vale of Industry, Bridgebelle is an ordinary rabbit. All day long, she toils at the carrot factory. After a hard day, she returns home to care for her ailing auntie. And whenever she's …More

Fish Girl
Fish Girl
By Napoli, Donna Jo
Author Napoli, Donna Jo
2017-03 - Clarion Books
9780547483931 Check Our Catalog


The triple Caldecott winner David Wiesner brings his rich visual imagination and trademark artistry to the graphic novel format in a unique coming-of-age tale that begins underwater. A young mermaid, called Fish Girl, in a boardwalk aquarium has a chance encounter with an ordinary girl. Their growing friendship inspires Fish Girl's longing for freedom, independence, and a life beyond the aquarium …More

The Emperor's New Clothes: The Graphic Novel
The Emperor's New Clothes: The Graphic Novel
By Andersen, Hans Christian
Illustrator Timmins, Jeffrey Stewart
Retold by Peters, Stephanie True
2009-09 - Stone Arch Books
9781434215956 Check Our Catalog


In a faraway kingdom, there lives an Emperor who prizes fancy clothes above all else. He buys suit after suit made of the most expensive materials instead of tending to his threadbare kingdom. Then, one day, two traveling merchants offer to make the Emperor a special suit that has magical powers. The merchants, however, are not who they claim to be, and the suit has one major flaw -- no one can …More

I Hate Fairyland Book One
I Hate Fairyland Book One
By Young, Skottie
2017-12 - Image Comics
9781534303805 Check Our Catalog


From SKOTTIE YOUNG, New york Times Best Selling, Eisner Award winning cartoonist of the Wizard of OZ graphic Novels, Rocket Raccoon, and Fortunately, The Milk comes a satirical fairytale adventure that smashes it's cute little face against hilariously violent comedy that's definitely NOT bedtime story material for the kiddies. (unless your parents are super cool and don't screen your …More

Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix, Vol. 1
Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix, Vol. 1
By Amano, Shiro
2013-05 - Yen Press
9780316254205 Check Our Catalog


After a terrible storm shatters the peace of his tropical island home, a young boy named Sora is set adrift from his world and his friends, Riku and Kairi. Meanwhile, Disney Castle is in an uproar when it is discovered that King Mickey has gone missing, leaving it up to Court Wizard Donald and Captain Goofy to find him When Sora, in search of his friends, and Donald and Goofy, in search of their …More

Little Witch Academia, Vol. 1 (Manga)
Little Witch Academia, Vol. 1 (Manga)
By Yoshinari, Yoh
Author Trigger
2018-06 - Jy
9781975327453 Check Our Catalog


"Reach out your hand, and your story will begin "

Those words changed young Atsuko "Akko" Kagari forever, sparking in her a lifelong dream of becoming a real witch. Now she's been accepted to the same school as her childhood hero, Shiny Chariot-the prestigious Luna Nova Witchcraft Academy. As the only student to come from a non-magical family, Akko finds herself surrounded …More

The Okay Witch
The Okay Witch
By Steinkellner, Emma
Illustrator Steinkellner, Emma
2019-09 - Aladdin Paperbacks
9781534431461 Check Our Catalog


A School Library Journal Best Graphic Novel of 2019

A YALSA 2020 Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers

A YALSA 2020 Great Graphic Novel for Teens

Sabrina the Teenage Witch meets Roller Girl in this hilarious, one-of-a-kind graphic novel about a half-witch who has just discovered the truth about herself, her family, and …More

Over the Garden Wall, Volume 1
Over the Garden Wall, Volume 1
By Campbell, Jim
Author Levari, Amalia
Illustrator McGee, Cara
2017-03 - Kaboom
9781608869404 Check Our Catalog


Two lost brothers venture across a strange forest and discover incredible and bizarre things on their journey home in a style reminiscent of The Wind in the Willows and Sleepy Hollow.

Return to the Unknown with new Over The Garden Wall stories that expand the world of the Emmy Award-winning Cartoon Network series.

Writer and artist Jim Campbell spins a tale that …More

Over the Wall
Over the Wall
By Wartman, Peter
2013-08 - Uncivilized Books
9780984681433 Check Our Catalog


"One of 10 Best Comics and Graphic Novels of the year."--The Onion

"Great Graphic Novel for Teens"--Young Adult Library Services Association

A great wall separates a magnificent metropolis from the surrounding countryside. All humans are banned from ever entering the city. A young girl is determined to enter the forbidden city in search of her lost brother. When …More

The Mystery of the Moon Tower
The Mystery of the Moon Tower
By Sedita, Francesco
Author Seraydarian, Prescott
Illustrator Hamaker, Steve
2020-04 - Viking Books for Young Readers
9780425291870 Check Our Catalog


"A legendary hidden treasure, an eccentric guy who collects stuff in a mysterious castle, and five cool kids trying to connect the dots and save the day, all of it brilliantly illustrated. WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE HERE?"

--MAX BRALLIER, author of the NYT bestselling series The Last Kids on Earth

Summer camp just became a whole lot more interesting when five curious kids …More

Phoebe and Her Unicorn (Phoebe and Her Unicorn Series Book 1)
Phoebe and Her Unicorn (Phoebe and Her Unicorn Series Book 1)
By Simpson, Dana
2014-09 - Andrews McMeel Publishing
9781449446208 Check Our Catalog


Black-Eyed Susan Award (2016), Washington State Book Award (2015)

This beautifully drawn strip follows the unlikely friendship between a somewhat awkward girl and the unicorn who gradually shows her just how special she really is. Through their hilarious adventures, the friends also come to acknowledge that they had been lonely before they met and truly appreciate the bond they now share. …More

Pigs Might Fly
Pigs Might Fly
By Abadzis, Nick
Illustrator Dye, Jerel
2017-07 - First Second
9781626727434 Check Our Catalog



All the sensible hogfolk in Pigdom Plains know that if pigs were meant to fly, they'd have been born with wings--but there's no convincing Lily Leanchops. The daughter of renowned inventor Hercules Fatchops, Lily has watched her father's flying machines fail time and time again. Working in secret, Lily is trying to build what her father couldn't: an aircraft that actually works. And of course, …More

Princeless, Book 1
Princeless, Book 1
By Whitley, Jeremy
2016-02 - Action Lab Entertainment
9781632291202 Check Our Catalog


The first volume of Princeless as it's never been available before, in a special edition hardcover volume. This edition includes the full first volume written by Jeremy Whitley and illustrated by M Goodwin. Additionally, it includes the Skullkickers Crossover written by Jim Zub and illustrated by M Goodwin, as well as the first two Princeless short story collections including work by Jules Rivera, …More

Legend of the Fire Princess (She-Ra Graphic Novel #1)
Legend of the Fire Princess (She-Ra Graphic Novel #1)
By Peterschmidt, Betsy
Illustrator Ganucheau, Paulina
2020-02 - Scholastic Inc.
9781338627169 Check Our Catalog


Don't miss the first epic She-Ra and the Princesses of Power graphic novel, based on stories by showrunner Noelle Stevenson

Even after everything that's happened, the world outside the Horde's walls is still a strange one to Adora. Each day she's learning more about her growing powers as She-Ra, including something new: the ability to heal corrupted runestones. …More

The Singing Rock and Other Brand-New Fairy Tales
The Singing Rock and Other Brand-New Fairy Tales
By Lachenmeyer, Nathaniel
Illustrator Blocker, Simini
2019-06 - First Second
9781596437500 Check Our Catalog



With a deft, lively text from Nathaniel Lachenmeyer and eye-popping, painterly art by Simini Blocker, The Singing Rock & Other Brand-New Fairy Tales is the perfect read for kids who love a good yarn--and good comics

A genie just wants a chance to grant a wish to the frog who accidentally let him out of his lamp--meanwhile, the frog just wants to be left alone. A witch is …More

By Gedris, Megan Rose
2018-05 - Oni Press
9781620104927 Check Our Catalog


Fan-favorite webcomic creator Megan Rose Gedris (Yu+Me Dream) crafts a compelling tale of magic, deception, and wonder in this stunningly illustrated graphic novel about the bond between sisters.

Pragmatic engineer Anna works as a psychic in the Samson Brothers Circus, but she doesn't believe in anything supernatural--until her twin sister Kat is murdered and comes back as a very …More

Suee and the Shadow
Suee and the Shadow
By Ly, Ginger
Illustrator Park, Molly
2017-09 - Harry N. Abrams
9781419725630 Check Our Catalog


When her shadow suddenly comes to life and starts causing trouble, it's up to 12-year-old Suee to find out why before it's too late! This middle-grade graphic novel debut deals with themes of bullying, friendship, and emotions in stressful times. …More

Supermutant Magic Academy
Supermutant Magic Academy
By Tamaki, Jillian
2015-04 - Drawn & Quarterly
9781770461987 Check Our Catalog



Unrequited love, underage drinking, and teen angst rule at a high school for mutants and witches

The New York Times and New Yorker illustrator Jillian Tamaki is best known for co-creating the award-winning young adult graphic novels Skim and This One Summer--moody and atmospheric bestsellers. SuperMutant Magic …More

By Sandoval, Tony
2020-02 - Magnetic Press
9781942367758 Check Our Catalog


Mila is a solitary teenager ready to put another boring summer vacation behind her until she meets Agnes, an adventurous girl who turns out to be a ghost. And not just a regular ghost, but one carrying the essence of an ancient fallen king and a mouth full of teeth that used to be his guardian warriors.

Three-time Eisner Award-nominated writer/artist Tony Sandoval presents a wondrous world of …More

The Witch Boy
The Witch Boy
By Ostertag, Molly
2017-10 - Graphix
9781338089523 Check Our Catalog


From the illustrator of the web comic "Strong Female Protagonist" comes a debut middle-grade graphic novel about family, identity, courageNand magic. Full color. …More

Zatanna and the House of Secrets
Zatanna and the House of Secrets
By Cody, Matthew
Illustrator Yoshitani, Yoshi
2020-02 - DC Comics
9781401290702 Check Our Catalog


Welcome to the magical, mystical, topsy-turvy world of the House of Secrets, where Zatanna embarks on a journey of self-discovery and adventure ... all with her pet rabbit, Pocus, at her side

Zatanna and her stage magician father live in a special house, the House of Secrets, which is full of magic, puzzles, mysterious doors, and storybook creatures--it's the house everyone in the …More

Zodiac Starforce: By the Power of Astra
Zodiac Starforce: By the Power of Astra
By Panetta, Kevin
Illustrator Ganucheau, Paulina
- Dark Horse Books
9781616559137 Check Our Catalog


They're an elite group of teenage girls with magical powers who have sworn to protect our planet against dark creatures . . . as long as they can get out of class Known as the Zodiac Starforce, these high-school girls aren't just combating math tests. They're also battling monsters--not your typical afterschool activity But when an evil force from another dimension infects team leader Emma, she …More






Noir: A Collection of Crime Comics
Noir: A Collection of Crime Comics
By Brubaker, Ed
Author Lemire, Jeff
Author Azzarello, Brian
2020-12 - Dark Horse Books
9781506716862 Check Our Catalog


Murder, passion, and criminal enterprise are presented here at their darkest, directly from the most talented writers and artists in crime comics

In these thirteen pitch-black noir stories, you'll find deadly conmen and embittered detectives converging on femme fatales and accidental murderers, all presented in sharp black and white by masters of the craft.

Featuring stories by …More

Kill a Man
Kill a Man
By Orlando, Steve
Author Johnson, Phillip Kennedy
Editor Marts, Mike
2020-12 - Aftershock Comics
9781949028478 Check Our Catalog


A brand new original graphic novel from writers Steve Orlando and Phillip Kennedy Johnson featuring art by Alec Morgan and lettering by Jim Campbell.

In the early days of Mixed Martial Arts, kickboxer icon DJ Bellyi is beaten to death in the ring after yelling a homosexual slur at an opponent, while his young son James watches in horror from the stands.

Sixteen years later, young James …More

Hey, Amateur! Go from Novice to Nailing It in 9 Panels
Hey, Amateur! Go from Novice to Nailing It in 9 Panels
By Bond, Shelly
2020-12 - IDW Publishing
9781684057665 Check Our Catalog


What do you want to learn about? Take your pick in this anthology combining the unprecedented approach of a how to book with the diverse subject matter from over 100 contributors sharing their hidden talents via one-page, nine-panel comics

Includes entries from a variety of comics talent including Michael Allred, Kelly Sue Deconnick, Becky Cloonan, Sanford Greene, Paul Pope, Gail …More

Long Story Short: Turning Famous Books Into Cartoons
Long Story Short: Turning Famous Books Into Cartoons
By Mr Fish
Contribution by Rall, Ted
Contribution by McMillan, Stephanie
2020-07 - Akashic Books
9781617757969 Check Our Catalog



A collection of cartoons, illustrations, and paintings that condense the complicated narratives of famous books into one-page works of art.

The artists' ability to communicate with a picture and just a few words conveys the power and directness of the best cartoons.


A subversive volume that translates a series of complex works of literature into a …More

In the Line of Duty
In the Line of Duty
By Brubaker, Ed
Author Brubaker, Ed
Illustrator Lark, Michael
2011-03 - DC Comics
9781401220372 Check Our Catalog


"Originally published in single magazine form in Gotham Central #1-10"--T.p. recto. …More

Kent State: Four Dead in Ohio
Kent State: Four Dead in Ohio
By Backderf, Derf
2020-09 - Harry N. Abrams
9781419734847 Check Our Catalog



A 2021 ALA/YALSA Alex Award Winner for Teen Readers and Adult Books

From Derf Backderf, the bestselling author of My Friend Dahmer, comes the tragic and unforgettable story of the Kent State shootings​

On May 4, 1970, the Ohio National …More

Talking to Strangers
Talking to Strangers
By Boucher, Marianne
2020-04 - Doubleday Canada
9780385677332 Check Our Catalog


For fans of Wild Wild CountryScientology and the Aftermath and Uncover: Escaping NXIVM, a spellbinding graphic memoir about a teenage girl who was lured into a cult and later fought to escape and reclaim her identity.

Welcome to a place where you are valued. Where everyone is kind. Where you can be your truest self.

It was the summer of 1980, and …More

Lady Killer Library Edition
Lady Killer Library Edition
By Rich, Jamie
Author Jones, Joelle
Illustrator Jones, Joelle
2020-06 - Dark Horse Books
9781506716527 Check Our Catalog


Josie Schuller is a picture-perfect homemaker, wife, and mother--but she's also a ruthless killer

She balances cheerful domestic bliss with coldly efficient assassinations. From the World's Fair in Seattle to the beaches of Florida, Josie tries to keep her perfect family alive in a bloodstained new vision of the American Dream.

Joelle Jones became an overnight sensation with this …More

Sunstone, Book One
Sunstone, Book One
By Sejic, Stjepan
2017-04 - Image Comics
9781534301504 Check Our Catalog


Two women deal with modern themes of sex, relationships, and fetishism in this erotic romantic comedy. So beware all who enter, because, to quote a few hundred thousand readers on Devi-antArt: "I'm not into BDSM...but this story...I get it."

Collects volumes 1 through 3.


Parable of the Sower: A Graphic Novel Adaptation: A Graphic Novel Adaptation
Parable of the Sower: A Graphic Novel Adaptation: A Graphic Novel Adaptation
By Butler, Octavia E.
Adapted by Duffy, Damian
Illustrator Jennings, John
2020-01 - Abrams Comicarts
9781419731334 Check Our Catalog


Forced to flee an America where anarchy and violence have completely taken over, empath Lauren Olamina--who can feel the pain of others and is crippled by it--becomes a prophet carrying the hope of a new world and a new faith christened "Earthseed". A stirring portrait of 21st-century America by the author of "Wild Seed". …More

Babyteeth Vol. 1
Babyteeth Vol. 1
By Cates, Donny
Editor Marts, Mike
2017-12 - Aftershock Comics
9781935002772 Check Our Catalog


Sadie Ritter is sixteen years old, nine months pregnant, and scared out of her sweet nerdy mind. Having a baby that young is tough. But with the support of her loving family behind her, everything should be okay. OH YEAH, and also her baby is the antichrist and it's going to break open the barriers between the earthly and demonic planes and unleash eternal suffering to all of humankind. Other than …More

Showtime at the Apollo: The Epic Tale of Harlem's Legendary Theater
Showtime at the Apollo: The Epic Tale of Harlem's Legendary Theater
By Fox, Ted
Illustrator Smith, James Otis
2020-02 - Abrams Comicarts
9781419739255 Check Our Catalog


This is the only full scale history of the world famous Apollo Theatre. Still presenting top black stars from P. Diddy to Chris Rock -- since the Apollo has probably exerted a greater influence upon popular culture than any other entertainment venue in the world. A classic text, newly updated, Showtime at the Apollo has over photos interspersed throughout. …More

Doomsday Clock Part 1
Doomsday Clock Part 1
By Johns, Geoff
Illustrator Frank, Gary
2019-10 - DC Comics
9781779501202 Check Our Catalog


The world of Watchmen collides with the DC Universe in the most shocking story in DC history Written by master storytellers Geoff Johns and Gary Frank--As the Doomsday Clock ticks toward midnight, the DC Universe will encounter with its greatest threat: Dr. Manhattan. But nothing is hidden from Manhattan, and the secrets of the past, present and future will leave ramifications on our …More

Second Coming: Volume One
Second Coming: Volume One
By Russell, Mark
2020-03 - Ahoy Comics
9780998044279 Check Our Catalog


The book everyone's talking about, by award-winning writer Mark Russell (Snagglepuss, The Flintstones) and artist Richard Pace (Pitt, New Warriors)! God commands Earth's mightiest super-hero, Sunstar, to accept Jesus as his roommate and teach him how to use power more forcefully. Jesus, shocked at the way humans have twisted his message over two millennia, vows to straighten them out.


They Called Us Enemy
They Called Us Enemy
By Takei, George
Author Eisinger, Justin
Author Scott, Steven
2019-07 - Top Shelf Productions
9781603094504 Check Our Catalog


Asian/Pacific American Award for Literature (2020)

New York Times Bestseller

A stunning graphic memoir recounting actor/author/activist George Takei's childhood imprisoned within American concentration camps during World War II. Experience the forces that shaped an American icon -- and America itself -- in this gripping tale of courage, country, loyalty, and love.

George Takei has captured hearts and minds worldwide with his …More



School Stories

Here is a list of graphic novel titles, at various reading levels (All Ages can enjoy), that involve school in some way. Find something you like, and enjoy!


All's Faire in Middle School
All's Faire in Middle School
By Jamieson, Victoria
2017-09 - Dial Books
9780525429999 Check Our Catalog


From the author of the Newbery Honor winner "Roller Girl" comes a heartwarming graphic novel about starting middle school, surviving an embarrassing family, and life at the Renaissance Faire. …More

The Amazing World of Gumball Original Graphic Novel: Midsummer Nightmare: Midsummer Nightmare
The Amazing World of Gumball Original Graphic Novel: Midsummer Nightmare: Midsummer Nightmare
By Ward, Pendleton
Author Brennan, Meg
Illustrator Ayoub, Jenna
2019-01 - Kaboom
9781684152940 Check Our Catalog


When Gumball and Darwin unleash a curse upon Elmore Junior High and all the students get sick, it's up to them to put on the school play alone


All Darwin wants is a starring role in Elmore Junior High's latest theatrical production...too bad he can't stand the spotlight Roping in Gumball to audition with him, Darwin accidentally helps unleash a curse on the …More

By Chmakova, Svetlana
2015-07 - Jy
9780316381321 Check Our Catalog


Cardinal rule #1 for surviving school: Don't get noticed by the mean kids.

Cardinal rule #2 for surviving school: Seek out groups with similar interests and join them.

On her first day at her new school, Penelope--Peppi--Torres reminds herself of these basics. But when she trips into a quiet boy in the hall, Jaime Thompson, she's already broken the first rule, and the mean …More

Skater Girl
Skater Girl
By Holm, Jennifer L.
Author Holm, Matthew
2007-09 - Random House Books for Young Readers
9780375939891 Check Our Catalog


BEST GYMNAST. BEST speller. Best kazoo player. It seems everyone has a talent except Babymouse. That is, until Babymouse takes to the ice and surprises everyone with her spectacular spins and jubilant jumps. "Until "the famous Olympic coach, Coach Bearnakorva, discovers her and asks Babymouse to be her new protege. Will Babymouse's dreams of a medal come true? Or is she treading on thin ice? Find …More

Cash and Carrie, Book 1: Sleuth 101
Cash and Carrie, Book 1: Sleuth 101
By Pryor, Shawn
Author Speziani, Giulie
2016-11 - Action Lab Entertainment
9781632292070 Check Our Catalog


Encyclopedia Brown for a new generation

Two junior high detectives, Dallas Cash and Inez Carrie, are on the case Cash's tech savviness paired with Carrie's sensible approach makes them the perfect mystery-solving duo. Together, they investigate a missing mascot, make a few ghost friends and expose an undercover Voodoo cult. Baddies beware, these gumshoes won't easily scare.


Target Practice
Target Practice
By Maihack, Mike
2014-04 - Graphix
9780545528429 Check Our Catalog


A funny, action-packed graphic novel featuring a young Cleopatra -- yes, THAT Cleopatra -- who's transported to the future and learns it's up to her to save the galaxy

When a young Cleopatra (yes, THAT Cleopatra) finds a mysterious tablet that zaps her to the far, REALLY far future, she learns of an ancient prophecy that says she is destined to save the galaxy from the …More

Comics Squad: Recess!
Comics Squad: Recess!
By Holm, Jennifer L.
Author Holm, Matthew
Author Krosoczka, Jarrett J.
2014-07 - Random House Books for Young Readers
9780385370042 Check Our Catalog


A bust-your-gut-laughing graphic-novel anthology with original contributions from the most beloved names in the genre * Jennifer Holm & Matthew Holm * Jarrett J. Krosoczka * Dav Pilkey * Dan Santat * Raina Telgemeier * Dave Roman * Ursula Vernon * Eric Wight * Gene Yang *

Wowza Calling all kidz Do you like comics? Do you like laughing till milk comes out of your nose? Look no further--do …More

Dance Class #1: So, You Think You Can Hip-Hop
Dance Class #1: So, You Think You Can Hip-Hop
By Beka
Author Crip
Illustrator Crip
2012-01 - Papercutz
9781597072540 Check Our Catalog



Julie, Lucy and Alia are BFF's who share one passion: dance Between programs in ballet and modern dance, they also slip in classes on many other styles including hip-hop, a class run by the hunk KT, who's got all three competing for his attention. As they prepare for the ballet "Sleeping Beauty," they'd love to see him play Prince Charming. Any girl with a love for dance and taking classes …More

Disney Manga: Descendants the Rotten to the Core Trilogy Volume 1
Disney Manga: Descendants the Rotten to the Core Trilogy Volume 1
By Muell, Jason
2017-06 - TokyoPop
9781427856876 Check Our Catalog


The VKs -- Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos -- have been invited to attend Auradon Prep But they have a sneaky plan to steal the fairy godmother's wand to rescue their parents from exile and let chaos reign over the people of the United States of Auradon. As the VKs tour the campus, they are introduced to the children of Disney's most famous heroes -- Ben, Audrey, Jane and Chad. After a spirited but …More

By Telgemeier, Raina
2012-09 - Graphix
9780545326988 Check Our Catalog


Capitol Choices: Noteworthy Books for Children and Teens (2013), Cybils (2012), Evergreen Young Adult Book Award (2015), Grand Canyon Reader Award (2015), Rhode Island Teen Book Award (2014), Sequoyah Book Awards (2015), Stonewall Book Award (2013), Volunteer State Book Awards (2015), Young Reader's Choice Award (2015)

From Raina Telgemeier, the #1 New York Times bestselling, multiple Eisner Award-winning author of Smile and Sisters

Callie loves theater. And while she would totally try out for her middle school's production of Moon over Mississippi, she can't really sing. Instead she's the set designer for the drama department's stage crew, and this year she's determined to …More

Geeky Fab Five Vol. 1 "It's Not Rocket Science"
Geeky Fab Five Vol. 1 "It's Not Rocket Science"
By Lareau, Liz
Author Lareau, Lucy
Illustrator Jampole, Ryan
2018-07 - Papercutz
9781545801222 Check Our Catalog



Lucy Monroe's first day at Earhart Elementary is one for the yearbook: By recess she has launched herself off the rusty monkey bars and ended up face down onto the blacktop. The principal closes the rickety playground, and now the whole school is mad What's a new girl to do? Create a band of geeky friends to build a cool new playground together Easy, right?

Join Lucy, the gang, Hubble …More

Hollow Fields (Color Edition) Vol. 1
Hollow Fields (Color Edition) Vol. 1
By Rosca, Madeleine
2017-11 - Seven Seas
9781626925656 Check Our Catalog



A full-color revisit to the critically acclaimed steampunk hit

Little Lucy Snow was supposed to attend a prestigious boarding school; however, a macabre twist of fate finds her enrolled instead at Miss Weaver's Academy for the Scientifically Gifted and Ethically Unfettered, also known as Hollow Fields. Located on the outskirts of Nullsville and run by the insidious Engineers, the …More

Jedi Academy
Jedi Academy
By Brown, Jeffrey
2013-08 - Scholastic Inc.
9780545505178 Check Our Catalog


Nutmeg Book Award (2016)

This incredible, original story from a "New York Times"-bestselling author/illustrator captures all of the humor, awkwardness, fun, and frustrations of middle schoolNall told through one boy's comics, journal entries, letters, doodles, and newspaper clippings. Illustrations. …More

Lunch Lady and the Cyborg Substitute
Lunch Lady and the Cyborg Substitute
By Krosoczka, Jarrett
2009-07 - Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers
9780375846830 Check Our Catalog

1st book in Lunch Lady series

Hector, Terrence, and Dee have always wondered about their school lunch lady. What does she do when she isn't dishing out the daily special? Little do they know, Lunch Lady doesn't just serve sloppy joes--she serves justice! Whatever danger lies ahead, it's no match for Lunch Lady, in this new series. Illustrations. …More

Making Friends
Making Friends
By Gudsnuk, Kristen
2018-07 - Graphix
9781338139211 Check Our Catalog


Danielle needs a perfect friend, but sometimes making (or creating) one is a lot easier than keeping one

Sixth grade was SO much easier for Danny. All her friends were in the same room and she knew exactly what to expect out of life. Now that she's in seventh grade, she's in a new middle school, her friends are in different classes and forming new cliques, and she is …More

By Herrod, Mike
2012-09 - Blue Apple Books
9781609052553 Check Our Catalog


Jamie has hiccups on the day of his school play His best friend and co-star is determined to find a cure-no matter how silly, icky, or weird it might be Will the show-HIC -go on? Hiccups-everyone's had 'em, and nobody wants 'em. The familiar dilemma drives this comically exaggerated story of a boy-rabbit battling the inconvenience and embarrassment of a jumpy diaphragm. Hiccup is an ideal …More

The Mr. Wolf's Class
The Mr. Wolf's Class
By Steinke, Aron Nels
2018-06 - Graphix
9781338047691 Check Our Catalog


From Eisner Award-winning creator Aron Nels Steinke, a vibrant, funny new series that charmingly captures the everyday antics of a fourth-grade classroom

Mr. Wolf has just started teaching at Hazelwood Elementary. He wants the first day of school to go well, but he's got his hands full with his new class. Some of his students include: Margot, who is new in …More

Positively Izzy
Positively Izzy
By Libenson, Terri
Illustrator Libenson, Terri
2018-05 - Balzer & Bray/Harperteen
9780062484970 Check Our Catalog



Award-winning comics creator and author of the bestselling Invisible Emmie Terri Libenson returns with a companion graphic novel that captures the drama, angst, and humor of middle-school life. Perfect for fans of Raina Telgemeier, Jennifer Holm, and Victoria Jamieson.

Middle school is all about labels.

Izzy is the dreamer. There's nothing Izzy loves more …More

Recess Warriors: Hero Is a Four-Letter Word
Recess Warriors: Hero Is a Four-Letter Word
By Emerson, Marcus
Illustrator Emerson, Marcus
2017-04 - Roaring Brook Press
9781626727083 Check Our Catalog



Saving the world... one playground at a time.

When imaginations go wild in the schoolyard, anything can happen. Normal kids become world-saving heroes, girls become power-hungry pirates, and zombies take over the school after being infected by the dreaded epidemic--cooties It's up to Scrap, his partner Yoshi (don't you dare call her a sidekick ), and Clinton, the baddest cowboy in …More

Creepers Crashed My Party: Redstone Junior High #2
Creepers Crashed My Party: Redstone Junior High #2
By Stevens, Cara J.
Illustrator Melby, Walker
2018-07 - Sky Pony
9781510732629 Check Our Catalog


For boys and girls who love Minecraft, a graphic novel adventure that uses over 750 images to transport young readers into the world of the game they love most.

Enrollment at Redstone Junior High is at an all-time low since word got around that hostile mobs were spotted on campus. Principal Redstone will do just about anything to keep students from leaving to attend the rival school, …More

Secret Coders
Secret Coders
By Yang, Gene Luen
Illustrator Holmes, Mike
2015-09 - First Second
9781626720756 Check Our Catalog



Gene Luen Yang is the National Ambassador for Young People's Literature and is a MacArthur Fellow, a recipient of what's popularly known as the MacArthur "Genius" Grant.

Welcome to Stately Academy, a school which is just crawling with mysteries to be solved The founder of the school left many clues and puzzles to challenge his enterprising students. Using their wits and their growing …More

Study Hall of Justice (DC Comics: Secret Hero Society #1)
Study Hall of Justice (DC Comics: Secret Hero Society #1)
By Fridolfs, Derek
Illustrator Nguyen, Dustin
2016-01 - Scholastic Inc.
9780545825016 Check Our Catalog


The team behind DC Comics LIL' GOTHAM takes readers to the halls of Ducard Academy in Gotham City, where a young Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman start their very own Junior Detective Agency

Young Bruce Wayne is the new kid at Ducard Academy, a prep school for gifted middle school students. Bruce finds out pretty quickly that he doesn't fit in: the faculty seems to not just encourage …More

Field Trip (Sanity & Tallulah, Book 2)
Field Trip (Sanity & Tallulah, Book 2)
By Brooks, Molly
Illustrator Brooks, Molly
2019-10 - Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
9781368009782 Check Our Catalog


Sanity and Tallulah are going on a field trip-to a real live planet Some of their classmates are nervous (none of them have been on a planet before, and they've heard terrible things), but Tallulah is beside herself with excitement. Sanity would be more excited if her grumpy older sister, Prudence, wasn't coming along to supervise the trip. Things get off to a rocky start …More

Sunny Side Up
Sunny Side Up
By Holm, Jennifer L.
Illustrator Holm, Matthew
2015-08 - Graphix
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Cybils (2015)

Sunny Lewin has been packed off to Florida to live with her grandfather for the summer. At first she thought Florida might be fun -- it is the home of Disney World, after all. But the place where Gramps lives is no amusement park. It's full of . . . old people. Really old people.

Luckily, Sunny isn't the only kid around. She meets Buzz, a boy who is …More







Spooky Stories

Anya's Ghost
Anya's Ghost
By Brosgol, Vera
Illustrator Brosgol, Vera
2011-06 - First Second
9781596437135 Check Our Catalog


Bram Stoker Awards (2011), Cybils (2011), Virginia Readers Choice Award (2014), Volunteer State Book Awards (2015), Will Eisner Comic Industry Award (2012), Young Hoosier Book Award (2014)

Anya, embarrassed by her Russian immigrant family and self-conscious about her body, has given up on fitting in at school but falling down a well and making friends with the ghost there just may be worse. …More

Johnny Boo: The Best Little Ghost in the World
Johnny Boo: The Best Little Ghost in the World
By Kochalka, James
2008-06 - Top Shelf Productions
9781603090131 Check Our Catalog


Johnny Boo is the best little ghost in the whole world, because he's got Boo Power. This means that he can go "BOO" really loudly. His pet ghost, Squiggle, has Squiggle Power, which means that he can fly and do really fast loop-the-loops. Together they have the world's greatest ghost adventures! When the giant pink and yellow Ice Cream Monster bumbles into their lives, they go into a mad panic... …More

The Creepy Case Files of Margo Maloo
The Creepy Case Files of Margo Maloo
By Weing, Drew
2016-09 - First Second
9781626723399 Check Our Catalog



Charles just moved to Echo City, and some of his new neighbors give him the creeps. They sneak into his room, steal his toys, and occasionally, they try to eat him.

The place is teeming with monsters

Lucky for Charles, Echo City has Margo Maloo, monster mediator. No matter who's causing trouble, Margo knows exactly what to do--the neighborhood kids say monsters are afraid of …More

Graveyard Shakes
Graveyard Shakes
By Terry, Laura
2017-09 - Graphix
9780545889551 Check Our Catalog


Sisters Katia and Victoria are students at a private boarding school. After a fight, Katia runs away. While looking for her, Victoria tumbles into the underworld of a nearby graveyard inhabited by ghosts, ghouls, and a man named Nikola, who is preparing a sinister spell. Full color. …More

Creepy Creatures
Creepy Creatures
By Stine, R. L.
2006-09 - Turtleback Books
9781417760152 Check Our Catalog


For use in schools and libraries only. Goosebumps fans and reluctant readers will love this graphic novel series adapted from the original Goosebumps books. …More

Grimoire Noir
Grimoire Noir
By Greentea, Vera
Illustrator Bogatch, Yana
2019-07 - First Second
9781250305732 Check Our Catalog



Beautiful, spooky, and utterly enchanting, Vera Greentea and Yana Bogatch's Grimoire Noir is a charming graphic novel about coming to terms with your own flaws and working past them to protect those dear to you.

Bucky Orson is a bit gloomy, but who isn't at fifteen?

His best friend left him to hang out with way cooler friends, his dad is the town sheriff, and wait for …More

Edison Beaker, Creature Seeker
Edison Beaker, Creature Seeker
By Cammuso, Frank
2018-10 - Viking Books for Young Readers
9780425291924 Check Our Catalog


In this hilarious graphic novel, Edison Beaker is about to find out what services the family business, Creature Seekers Pest Control, really offer. (Hint: forget about rat and roach removal . . . think monster hunting )

Edison Beaker and his young sister Tesla are staying with their uncle Earl, manager of the family pest control company, when an alarm sounds and he has no choice …More

Just Beyond: The Scare School Original Graphic Novel
Just Beyond: The Scare School Original Graphic Novel
By Stine, R. L.
Illustrator Matthews, Nichole
Illustrator Matthews, Kelly
2019-09 - Kaboom
9781684154166 Check Our Catalog


Middle grade supernatural horror series takes young readers Just Beyond the reality they know...Just Beyond their normal lives...Just Beyond the real world to an always surprising place of fantasy and fright.

Coming Soon to Disney+

Middle school feels like the worst place imaginable, but for Jess, Josh, and Marco, their school may actually be the worst place in this world... or any …More

Scarlett Hart: Monster Hunter
Scarlett Hart: Monster Hunter
By Sedgwick, Marcus
Illustrator Taylor, Thomas
2018-04 - First Second
9781250159847 Check Our Catalog



Scarlett Hart, orphaned daughter of two legendary monster hunters, is determined to carry on in her parents' footsteps--even if the Royal Academy for the Pursuit and Eradication of Zoological Eccentricities says she's too young to fight perilous horrors. But whether it's creepy mummies or a horrid hound, Scarlett won't back down, and with the help of her loyal butler and a lot of …More

By Leyh, Kat
2020-02 - First Second
9781250171115 Check Our Catalog



Kat Leyh's Snapdragon is a magical realist graphic novel about a young girl who befriends her town's witch and discovers the strange magic within herself.

Snap's town had a witch.

At least, that's how the rumor goes. But in reality, Jacks is just a crocks-wearing, internet-savvy old lady who sells roadkill skeletons online--after doing a little ritual to put their spirits …More