Pay Fines Online

How Do I Pay Fines Online?

Log in to your account with your library card barcode number and PIN.

If you have any new or unpaid fines, an alert icon will appear in the Fines tab. You can pay fines here in the Fines tab, or in person at the library.

Accruing Fines

Go to the Accruing Fines section to view any accruing fines assessed to your library account. An accruing fine is a fine that is added to over time (for example, for a late book that is fined more every day that it is not checked in past the due date). If you do not have any accruing fines, this section includes a message that says you have no fines.

Current Fines

Go to the Current Fines section to view and pay any new or unpaid fines. The total amount for each fine is displayed in the Amount column. If you do not have any current fines, this section includes a message that says you have no fines. You can pay fines in person at the  library, or you can pay them online. Select the check box for individual fines or click Select All to select all of the fines for your account.

Note: The Select All checkbox changes to Deselect All when all fines are selected.

You can check the total payment amount for all the fines that you have selected in the Total Selected box . If you have any library credit, that amount can be applied to the payment by clicking Apply Credit. Once you have selected the fines you want to pay, click Make Payment.

Note: We may require you to accept our Terms and Conditions before you can make the payment.

Use the sort icon to sort items. Click once to sort ascending. Click again to sort descending.

Payment History

You can view a history of any payments you have made to fines in the Payment History section. This section will display the dates you made payments and the amount that was paid.