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How to Use the Seed Library?

How to Harvest Seeds & Save Seeds to Reshare?

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How to Use the Seed Library?

How to Browse for Seeds

The seed library is located in the library by the staircase. There are two ways to browse for the seeds you'd like to grow:

  1. The seed card catalog, the drawers are divided into Flowers, Plants, and Vegetables.

  2. In the binder, there are empty seed packets in the same order as the seed envelopes in the drawers. These packets show the information about the seeds. You can use these for reference in selecting your seeds to take and to get the necessary advice in planting, etc.


How to Bring Seeds to Reshare

At the end of the season, harvest your seeds and bring them back to the seed library to reshare. 

  1. Using the small envelopes provided in the small basket on top of the seed catalog, bring harvested seeds labeled with the name of the plant and the year grown. 

  2. Place the envelope(s) into the basket on top of the seed library card catalog. 











How to Harvest & Save Seeds to Reshare














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