Seed Library

The Seed Library is a unique part of HPL’s collection. Instead of checking out items, you’re able to take seeds to grow in your garden, all for free! What’s the catch? All we need is for you to return some of those seeds, whether they are left over from what you did not use or whether they are harvested from the end of the season. That way the Seed Library can work for future patrons in the years to come.



Drop by HPL. The Seed Library is located by the staircase. Select the seeds you want; the drawers are divided into Flowers, Plants, and Vegetables.

Interested in what seeds we currently have? Check our online catalog listing below:



Grow your plants. If you have any left over seeds, feel free to bring them back to the seed library for other patrons to use. Need help? There are informational resources to help you grow your plants in the binder on top of the Seed Library.

In addition, the links below provide resources for planning out your garden for seed saving.



At the end of the season, if possible, harvest your seeds and bring them back to the seed library. You will place your seeds in one of the small envelopes provided in the basket on top of the seed library. Be sure to label the envelope with the name of the plant and the year grown. Then leave the labeled envelope in the basket. Questions about harvesting seeds? Check out some of the resources below.