Comic Quests

The Comic Quests book series is a choose your own adventure style set of graphic novels. Each of the storylines is different, and each time you read, the adventure changes.

Inside of each book is a Quest Tracker - allowing you to solve puzzles and chart your characters adventures. However, writing in a library book is... not a good thing.

Below, you will find links to digital copies of the Quest Trackers and How To Play sheets for each of the books in the series.


J GN Hocus & Pocus

Book 1 : The Legend of Grimm's Woods | How To Play | Quest Tracker
Book 2 : The Search for the Missing Dwarves  | How To Play | Quest Tracker


J GN Knights Club

Book 1 : The Bands of Bravery | How To Play | Quest Tracker
Book 2 : The Message of Destiny  | How To Play | Quest Tracker | Bonus Card | Wheel
Book 3 : The Buried City  | How To Play | Quest Tracker


J GN Iron Magicians

Book 1 : The Search for the Magic Crystals | How To Play | Inventory | Spellbook | Wheel | Compass


Looking for trackers and sheets to books we haven't added to this list yet? Check out the publisher's site for more info.