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Homewood's bookshelf: reviewed

really liked it
This horror-tinged read is great for teens and up who little a taste of the macabre in their fantasy.

No happy ending here, the question of what you will do to get what you want (and what you may lose when you get it) is an eternal ques...

miss-kelly, reviewed, and ya-graphic-novel
Hotel Dare
really liked it
A family blended by adoption. Siblings sent to a grandmother in a country unfamiliar to them all. A haphazard hotel, a mystery, magic...

These are the building blocks of the amazingly entertaining Hotel Dare.

The art is bright and clea...

j-graphic-novel, miss-kelly, and reviewed
The Kingdom of the Blind
it was ok
Dark, gritty, political. Clandestine societies, near future dystopias, cops vs criminals, figuring out which is which...

The art of Kingdom of the Blind is rough and dirty, effectively communicating the feeling of the world in which we ...

adult-graphic-novel, miss-kelly, and reviewed
I Am Lucille Ball
it was amazing
These graphic novel biographies by Brad Meltzer are super stinking cute. They are also chock full of information that kids can digest visually and by reading.

Lucille Ball was a legendary comic, and seeing her antics through this book w...

j-biography, miss-kelly, and reviewed
Little Witches: Magic in Concord
really liked it
This updated fantasy take on Little Women is adorable! The fantasy aspects are seamless, the way the characters are integrated into the world of magic fits their personalities, and the story resolves nicely.

The author did a very nice j...

j-graphic-novel, miss-kelly, and reviewed