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Trust No One
really liked it
I loved this book! The story and plot line was very believable and kept me engaged until the very end. The mystery of the book is one that is not easily solved by the reader but, for me, that just added to my enjoyment. The romance betwe...
tagged: miss-stephanie and adult-fic
It Ends with Us
really liked it
I gave this book a four star review, not because I LOVED it. I think the overall issue of abuse is an extremely important topic to discuss and bring awareness to everyone. Abuse (be is physical or verbal) is a hard topic to understand if...
tagged: adult-fic, miss-angela, and e-book
did not like it
This book is LONG! 18 hours of an audio book that could have been edited down to MAYBE 3. Perhaps to compensate for the extra long book, here is a truncated review. major issues : female characters that behave like caricatures of teena...
tagged: adult-fic, audio-book, and miss-kelly
really liked it
I enjoyed this. I also tend to enjoy Mercedes Lackey, so there is that. I didn't get the "super special girl" vibe that I have heard some comment on. I mean, sure, she has strong powers and her magical side-kicks have some cool tricks, ...
tagged: ya-fic and miss-kelly
Not Quite Narwhal
it was amazing
MULTI-STAFF REVIEW Miss Jolyce: 5 Stars A unicorn, named Kelp, that was born under the sea and got swept away by the current, ended up on land and found other unicorns AKA LAND NARWHALS???? Need I say more? All sorts of adoreable-ness...
tagged: j-fic and miss-jolyce