Meeting Room Policy Agreement

Meeting Room Policy




Meeting Room Application Requirement

To apply to reserve the Meeting Room, please read and agree to the terms of the policy outlined below. Please review the policy carefully because there have been post COVID changes. And remember:

  • Applications must be submitted at least two weeks before use date. 

  • Applicant will receive confirmation or denial within five (5) business days. 


Mable Murphy Meeting Room Policy 

To request use of the Meeting Room, the online application must be submitted by an individual 18 years or older with a valid Homewood Library Card. 
The Library provides the use of its Meeting Room as an additional service to groups and organizations under the conditions established by the Board of Trustees.  
The Meeting Room is available for use by all groups and organizations, except for-profit organizations.  A for-profit organization is one whose primary purpose is the sale of property or services for monetary gain.  The Meeting Room is not available for use by individuals. 

Restricted Use 

The Meeting Room may not be used by any group or organization for the following types of functions: 
A.    Commercial ventures 
Commercial venture is defined as an activity whose purpose is to promote or cause the sale of property or services for monetary gain or to raise funds (expect fundraising for the Library), or for which admission is charged, or at which a collection is taken, sales made or funds raised or activities listed below.   
  • Gambling and any other illegal activities 
  • Employee recruitment 
  • Instructors conducting classes for profit and groups promoting future courses or services entailing fees 
  • Informational seminars/workshops conducted by non-501c3 organizations 
This does not apply to Library-related groups. 
B.    Private social functions  
A private social function is one designed for entertainment through companionship with friends and associates. 
C.    Political Activity 
“Political activity” means any activity in support of or in connection with any campaign for elective office or any political organization.  “Political organization” means a party, committee, association, fund, or other organization (whether or not incorporated) that is required to file a statement of organization with the State Board of Elections or a county clerk under Section 9-3 of the Election Code (10 ILCS 5/9-3), but only with regard to those activities that require filing with the State Board of Elections or a county clerk. General informational meetings on political topics and non-partisan sponsored debates or forums, not constituting political activity, may be held. 
D.    Other 
Any other activity which would materially and substantially interfere with proper functions of the Library, such as excessive noise, a significant safety hazard or a significant security risk. 


Use of the Meeting Room will be prioritized as follows: 
  1. Library-sponsored meetings or programs, including meetings of the Board of Trustees. 
  2. Meetings of the Friends of the Homewood Library and other Library-related groups. 
  3. Meetings or programs of nonprofit groups/organizations located within the Library District that can provide documentation of non-profit status. 

Use Limitations 

  • No organization may use the Meeting Room more than six times in a calendar year. 
  • The Library reserves the right to set a reasonable time limit for use of the Meeting Room. 
  • A group or organization which has been denied permission to use the Meeting Room by the Library Director may appeal such denial to the Board of Trustees at the Board’s next regularly scheduled meeting. 
  • Applications may not be submitted more than three months prior to the use date. 
  • Applications must be submitted at least two weeks before use date. 
  • Applicant will receive confirmation or denial within five (5) business days. 
  • Full description and organization name, including troop number or team name (if applicable), must be provided with application.  No acronyms will be accepted as organization name.  Acronyms that are not defined will be denied. 


A Library staff member will check the Meeting Room before and after each scheduled use and the Library Director will notify in writing the person who applied to use the room of any violations of the Meeting Room regulations.  The Library Director will also notify the Board of Trustees, which may consider suspending the privilege of using the Meeting Room to that group or organization.  The Board of Trustees, after giving proper notification and due process to that group or organization, may suspend the group or organization’s Meeting Room privileges. 

Regulations and Fees*

*Please review carefully since there have been post COVID changes.

*All fees will be added to the library card of whoever registers. Fees can then be paid online or at the library. The library card will be blocked until fees are paid.

The following regulations apply to Meeting Room use: 
  1. It is the responsibility of the group or organization to insure compliance with fire-code restrictions related to the Meeting Room occupancy limits. 
  2. The applicant must be present at the entire meeting, since he or she is one of the responsible parties. 
  3. When a group or organization finds it necessary to cancel a meeting, notice should be given to the Library and pre-paid fees will be forfeited. 
  4. Set-up of the room is the responsibility of the group. Tables and chairs will be provided. A room use fee of $30 is payable a minimum of 3 days prior to room use, for a maximum of 3 hours use. If the fee is not received 72 hours prior to the scheduled room use the room use can be cancelled by the library.
  5. No group or organization may charge an admission fee to the Meeting Room, except for Library-sponsored programs for which fees may be charged to defray expenses. 
  6. State law prohibits alcohol on library premises. 
  7. Meetings may be scheduled only at times when the Library is open. Room access is available beginning at 9 am and ends at 9 pm. Room use must end by 8:45 pm so the room can be returned as it was found and the building secured at 9 pm.
  8. Permission to use a meeting room does not constitute endorsement of the subject matter of the meeting, or the group’s or organization’s beliefs and policies.  As a result, publicity on non-library sponsored meetings must in no way imply Library sponsorship. 
  9. Groups or organizations using the Meeting Room may not use the Library as their mailing address or telephone number. 
  10. Signs or posters pertaining to a non-Library-sponsored meeting may be placed in the Library only in accordance with the sign and public notice policy. 
  11. No group or organization may store equipment or materials in the Library, except on a temporary basis with the Library Director’s permission. 
  12. The Library is not responsible for personal injury or the loss of/or damage to any equipment or materials owned or rented by a group or organization meeting in the Library. 
  13. At the conclusion of the meeting, the group or organization is responsible for placing the room in the condition existing before the meeting commenced. 
  14. Nothing may be attached to the walls of the Meeting Room. 
  15. The Library reserves the right to cancel or reschedule an approved meeting to another date, if necessary.  Notice will be given to the person signing the application via phone call or email within a reasonable time.  Any paid fees will be applied to the new meeting date or refunded. 
  16. Any use of library equipment shall be coordinated on a case by case basis as staffing and equipment are available. A minimum fee of $10 will be incurred for any equipment use.