A Molecule Away from Madness: tales of the hijacked brain

By Peskin, Sara Manning

A neurologist regales readers with extraordinary stories of the brain under siege. Our brains are the most complex machines known to humankind, but they have an Achilles heel: The very molecules that allow us to exist can also sabotage our minds. Here are true accounts of unruly molecules and the diseases that form in their wake, from total loss of inhibitions to florid psychosis to compulsive lying.

Crafting with digital cutting machines: machines, materials, designs, and projects

By Ashcraft, Libby

Ashcraft explains the components and features of a variety of models of digital cutting machines., as well as the blades, tools, mats, and other accessories used. She details common materials and a variety of crafting techniques before presenting six step-by-step projects that will teach you how to work with fabrics on your digital cutting machine.

150 best tiny interior ideas

By Zamora Mola, Francesc

Over the past decade, tiny spaces have grown in popularity thanks to skyrocketing real estate costs, increased awareness of climate change, and a return to urban living. But a smaller living space doesn't mean sacrificing sophistication or comfort. 150 Best Tiny Interior Ideas showcases the latest ideas of internationally renowned architects and designers who have devised beautiful, practical, and eco-friendly solutions adapted to the specific needs..

Ever Green: saving big forests to save the planet

By Reid, John W

Five stunningly large, unbroken forests remain on Earth: the Taiga, extending from the Pacific Ocean across all of Russia and far-northern Europe; the North American boreal, ranging from Alaska's Bering seacoast to Canada's Atlantic coast; the Amazon, covering almost the entirety of South America's bulge; the Congo, occupying Africa's wet equatorial middle and parts of six nations; and the island forest of New Guinea, twice the size of California..

The Anatomy of Anxiety: understanding and overcoming the body's fear response

By Vora, Ellen

A new theory of understanding how anxiety manifests in the body and brain, and how it can be treated"-- "Anxiety affects more than forty million Americans, a number that continues to climb in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. While conventional medicine tends to view anxiety as a "neck-up" problem - that is, one of brain chemistry and psychology - the truth is that the origins of anxiety are rooted in the body.

The Art of Punch Needle Embroidery

By Suarez, Marie

Create stunning 'embroidered' designs with yarns, threads/floss, fabric and more without needing to learn dozens of stitches! Punch needle embroidery is similar to rug hooking, whereby a strand of yarn or fabric is pushed through loose-weave fabric, making a 'loop'. Repeated several times, the loops squash together to create a stunning, dense, tactile piece of fabric. 

To Boldly Grow: Finding joy, adventure, and dinner in your own backyard

By Haspel, Tamar

Michael Pollan's In Defense of Food meets Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle in this part memoir, part how-to guide by Tamar Haspel (author of the Washington Post column Unearthed) about the unexpected joys of what she calls "first-hand food"--meals we grow, forage, fish, or even hunt from the world around us