Fierce Love: A memoir of family, faith, and purpose

By Curry, Sonya

Sonya Curry chronicles the never-before-shared story of raising her children and her lifelong devotion to education, family, and faith. Like her superstar sons' and extraordinary daughter's, Sonya Curry's journey was filled with defeats and hard-fought victories, but hers took place out of the limelight, without the eyes of the world watching, cheering, or drawing inspiration from her example. Until now. In this inspiring memoir, Curry tells her story...

The religious revolution: the making of modern spirituality, 1848-1898

By Green, Dominic

The late nineteenth century was an age of grand ideas and great expectations fueled by rapid scientific and technological innovation. In Europe, the ancient authority of church and crown was overthrown for the volatile gambles of democracy and the capitalist market. If it was an age that claimed to liberate women, slaves, and serfs, it also harnessed children to its factories and subjected entire peoples to its empires.

Don't Worry: 48 Lessons on relieving anxiety from a Zen Buddhist monk

By Masuno, Shunmyō

Put yourself at ease with this highly practical, internationally bestselling guide to reducing anxiety and living worry-free by the renowned Zen Buddhist author of The Art of Simple Living. Can you think of a time when you were worried about something, but then a random comment or occurrence made you realize how insignificant it was, and you were amazed by how much lighter you felt?

Start with Prayer: 250 prayers for hope and strength

By Lucado, Max

Whether you're learning to pray for the first time or you're hoping to reinvigorate your prayer life, Start with Prayer will change the way you think about your relationship with God. Pairing timeless scripture with thoughtful prayers, Start with Prayer is a special collection of 250 prayers that will help you develop the strength and hope you need to turn to prayer first in any situation you're facing

Truth's Table: Black women's musings on life, love, and liberation

By Uwan, Ekemini

A collection of essays and stories documenting the lived theology and spirituality we need to hear in order to lean into a more freeing, loving, and liberating faith-from the hosts of the beloved Truth's Table podcast. Once upon a time, an activist, a theologian, and a psychologist walked into a group chat. Everything was laid out on the table: Dating. Politics. The Black church.

The Race-Wise Family: ten postures to becoming households of healing and hope

By Lee, Helen

The Race-Wise Family walks Christian parents through ten distinct postures of the heart to raise kingdom-minded children who will stand against racial injustice and inequity as part of their Christian witness and discipleship"-- Lee and Reyes walk Christian parents through ten distinct postures of the heart to help their children understand today's racial dynamics.

Be Joyful: 50 Days to defeat the things that try to defeat you

By Meyer, Joyce

Joy is not just a "happy feeling" based on our circumstances or on things we possess-it is an unshakable stability in our spirit that comes from the strength of the Lord. The apostle Paul has been called the apostle of joy. In his letter to the Philippians-widely considered to be the most joyful book in all of scripture-Paul uses the Greek words for joy and rejoicing 13 times in only 11 verses! Paul talks about experiencing joy in all circumstances,...